2015 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards

brettThe Eastern Kentucky University College of Business and Technology, Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation, Southeast Kentucky Economic Development Corporation, and The Center for Rural Development are soliciting nominations for the 2015 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards (EIEA) of Eastern and Southern Kentucky. These four sponsoring organizations have come together to recognize entrepreneurs who demonstrate exceptional achievements within the Eastern and Southern Kentucky geographic region.

This year’s awards will be given to entrepreneurs in four categories: For-Profit Business; Start-Up Business; Not-for-Profit Entity; and Young Entrepreneur.

The primary purpose of the EIEA is to recognize and promote individuals in the region who have exemplified the entrepreneurial spirit by creating and managing a successful business enterprise. As a direct result of their efforts, jobs are created and new dollars flow through neighboring businesses, strengthening the foundation and fabric of our local communities. By highlighting these success stories, we provide both encouragement and “best practice” models for aspiring entrepreneurs to emulate.

We need the help of community and business leaders across the region to nominate deserving entrepreneurs. Please consider making one or more nominations by completing the online Nomination Form, by June 5, 2015, located on the EIEA home page. After receiving the nominations, we will contact the nominated entrepreneurs to seek additional information.

The award finalists will be honored and winners announced at a luncheon on Monday, September 14, 2015 at The Center for Rural Development in Somerset, Kentucky.

This is the 13th year the awards have been offered to celebrate the achievements of entrepreneurs in our region. Small businesses, and the entrepreneurs behind them, are the backbone of our state the economy and a key driver for recovery in Eastern and Southern Kentucky. Help us recognize them for their accomplishments which serve as inspiration for others to create growth and long-term sustainability for the region.


Brett Traver, Chair
2015 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Committee