Kentucky Woodlot$: “Capture the Value” Conference

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Description: Opening session of the conference.

People and Woodlots in Kentucky and the Southern Region
Mr. John Greis, USDA Forest Service

Globalization and Hardwood Markets: Opportunities and Threats
Dr. Matthew Pelkki, University of Arkansas-Monticello
co-authors Dr. Al Schuler and Dr. Urs Buehlmann

Is Tomorrow’s Fuel Growing in Today’s Forest?
Dr. Michael, Louisiana State University

Duration: 1:55:30

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Description: Mr. Paul Easly, a very happy tree farmer discusses his 25 years marketing value added forest products.

Duration: 00:26:06


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Description: Growing and Capitalizing on Timber Revenues:
Jeff Stringer, UK Department of Forestry

Woodlot Health and Vigor:
Tim McCLure, Kentucky Division of Forestry

Dr. Michael Gold, University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry

Agroforestry, Options for Kentucky:
Dr. Deborah Hill, UK Department of Forestry

Duration: 1:09:09


Click here for Kentucky Woodlots – Emerging Opportunities
Description: Green Energy from the Woodlot Owners Perspective:
Biofuels: Dr. Sue Nokes, UK Biosystems and Agriculture Engineering
Biopower: Merideth Boyd, East Kentucky Power Cooperative
Carbon Markets and More: Matt Smith, Forecon, Inc.
Carbon Markets in Kentucky Forests: Bill Schutters, MACED

Duration: 1:04:44

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Description: Emerging Opportunities to Capture Greater Value from TImber Harvest
Paul Easley, owner Funwood Sawmill

Recreational Leasing in Kentucky
Mr. Del Brown, Morgan County, Kentucky

Hunting Leases and Management
Dr. Tom Barnes, UK Extension Wildlife Specialist

Duration: 1:25:11